31 March 2010

A Blog I would like to share...

With permission from MXTODIS123 I wanted to share the following blog from http://reclaimingthedarkgoddess.blogspot.com   Enjoy as I did:

Uzume is the Japanese Goddess of Laughter; She is a Goddess of joy and happiness.  Her name means "Whirling Heavenly Woman", and She has been called the "Daughter of Heaven". Uzume is the embodiment of energy and action; it is She who gives birth to light and to hope.  Bells and dancing are sacred to Her.  Uzume is remembered for the role She played in bringing Amaterasu, the sun goddess, out of Her depression.

According the the legend, Amaterasu, depressed over some bad behaviors of Her brother, Susawana, the storm god, hid Herself in a cave and refused to come out; and with the loss of the Sun,the Earth was covered with darkness and infertility.  The gods and goddesses saw that the world was beginning to wither away and knew it would die without sunlight.  Desperate now, they called on Uzume to lure Amarsata from the darkness.

It didn't take Uzume long to come up with a plan.  The full-figured goddess turned over a large tub and stood upon it; She then began a frenzied sexual dance...Her feet drumming on the tub...and began tearing off Her clothing.  The other gods and goddesses roared and laughed with delight at Her antics and joined in with Her boisterous singing and dancing.  Amaterasu could here the laughter and became curious. She left the cave, and upon seeing the others laughing and having so much fun, She abandoned Her grief and emerged from the cave; thus, sunlight returned to the world.

During times of pain, we often find ourselves resting in the dark recesses of the symbolic cave of depression...and the longer remain there, the harder it is to climb out.  This is when we need to invoke Uzume who teaches us that we can find healing and wisdom in humor.  While you meditate on the goddess of mirth, feel Her feet drumming along with the beating of your heart.  See Her laughing, Her mouth open wide, head thrown back in abandon.  Hear Her voice coming from deep within...for the Azume is already within you...just waiting to inspire your emergence from the cave.   

30 March 2010

Fivefold kiss...

Blessed be thy feet, that have brought thee in these ways
Blessed be thy knees, that shall kneel at the sacred altar
Blessed be thy [womb/phallus], without which we would not be
Blessed be thy breasts, formed in beauty/breast formed in strength
Blessed be thy lips, that shall utter the Sacred Names.

A slow process....

I am starting to realise that this blog, to begin with, will have entries few and far between. This journey will be long and slow and at 1st may not seem to have much to blog about. Especially considering most of my reading happens once I turn in to bed. But as I read tonight in 'The Intuitive Way', "There is only one journey. Going inside yourself." Rainer Maria Rilke. And to me that journey is worth all the time in the world, every slow and cautious step.

At the moment I am slowly working through 3 books, 'The Intuitive Way', 'Everyday Witch A-Z' & 'The Green Wiccan Herbal'. I have also started following quite a few pagan bloggers, some of who actually teach in their blogs. I could just sit and read these blogs all day if I could.

Some things I have picked up are that I was born on Beltane - May 1st, but this doesn't make me a Beltane baby because that is the name given to those conceived during Beltane. Also this would be in the Northern Hemisphere and I am under the impression that many/some witches work off of a Southern Hemisphere calander. 

So a calander of events / festivals for the Southern Hemisphere, along with an athame and a challice are some of the items I would like to obtain to assist me on my journey. However I have read that the athame is not something you should buy for yourself but be given as a gift or found....... which could make it very difficult. I could of course request the gift from someone like my husband?? But is it really a gift then if I have asked for it? They say if you have to buy your own athame from a store, to buy a plain one that you can decorate and personalize yourself and to of course cleanse and consecrate before use.

So I just did a quick google on the festivals, and here in Australia May 1st would be Samhain & not Beltane.

 Wiccan Festivals according to the Hemisphere

Date           Northern Hemisphere                Southern Hemisphere
October 30th   Samhain                        Beltane
December 21st   Yule (Winter's Solstice)                Midsummer (Summer's Solstice)
February 2nd   Imbolc or Brigantia                Lughnassadh or Lammas
March 21st   Ostara (Spring Equinox)                Mabon (Autumn Equinox)
May 1st   Beltane                        Samhain
June 21st   Midsummer (Summer Solstice)      Yule (Winter Solstice)
August 2nd   Lughnassadh or Lammas                Imbolc or Brigantia
September 21st  Mabon (Autumn Equinox)             Ostara (Spring Equinox)A

A brief summary on Samhain: Is said to be the one night of the year when the veil between the worlds is the thinnest. Some believe that on this night, all those who have died in the previous year pass over to the other side and those are which to be born in the coming year cross to join the living. It is on this night that you say your final farewell to those who had passed in that year and take the time to think back on our ancestors. At Samhain the goddess is honoured in her role as the crone, mourning her loss of her consort at Mabon, but looking forward to the birth at Yule. So Samhain is a time for reflection on the sorrows of our losses but also to celebrate the gifts of the future. This is what I have been given from the 'Everyday Witch A-Z', and I am sure my understanding and connection to this and all the other festivals will deepen as my readings and learnings broaden and continue.

27 March 2010

Taking the time.......

I enjoyed looking at and smelling the plants that the girls and I purchased and potted yesterday. The scents are amazing and I am excited thinking about their many uses for the future. I have also enjoyed watching the many different kinds of birds that are starting to frequent our bird seed bell and bird bath in the back yard. I love watching them have a nibble on the seed and then have a flit in the bath bathing their tummy's. There are so many beautiful and amazing things in nature that we overlook on a daily basis, just being too blinded by our hectic lives and too focused on our problems to stop, breathe it all in and say a simple Thank you. This is something I plan to avoid in future, I want to slow down and smell the roses so to speak. So trying to promote more of natures beauty in my own backyard, I soaked some grained bread in water and drizzled it in honey to attract some more birds. I am also looking forward to growing more herbs and vegetables in our back yard, we have the perfect strip for a humble vegie patch.

26 March 2010

Book Order arrived today!!

This is the 1st entry for my blog dedicated to my exploration of the world of Wicca. I feel this is something that I have been doing bit by bit through out my life from a very young age, but is now something I would like to immerse myself into. There has always been a subtle pull, but it is now like an urgent tug, something I can't ignore and quite frankly don't wish to. There is a massive hole in my life, my soul, my being one that I feel will be more than filled by giving myself to Wicca, the lifestyle and spirituality. By discovering the mysteries and wonders of wicca I will be discovering a very important part of who I am and who I'm supposed to be, a fulfilled and happier life.
About 2 months ago I borrowed a book from a friend called 'The Book of Shadows - A Modern Women's Journey Into the Wisdom of Witchcraft and the Magic of The Goddess' written by Phyllis Curott. It was a truly wonderful read, one that I thoroughly enjoyed and reignited that spark of desire and curiosity for the world of Witchcraft. I haven't been able to part ways with the book yet and am endeavouring to purchase my own copy - when I find it. So ever since finishing the book it has been on the forefront of my mind.

So today....... my book order from Double Day was delivered: 'Everyday Witch A to Z' by Deborah Blake, 'The Green Wiccan HERBAL' by Silja, 'hedge witch' by Silver Ravenwolf, and also 'The Intuitive Way' by Penney Peirce. These all accompany my previously one and only book on the subject 'Witchcraft a beginner's guide' by Teresa Moorey that I purchased many moons ago when I was about 15 or 16.

After lunch I took the girls to our local nursery and purchased a lavender plant, a jasmine plant, some rosemary and some lemon thyme. I have always had a thing for all of these plants and herbs and many more. Today by flicking through 'The Green Wiccan HERBAL' I have learnt about the many properties for these and it is no wonder I have had a connection to them :o)