27 March 2010

Taking the time.......

I enjoyed looking at and smelling the plants that the girls and I purchased and potted yesterday. The scents are amazing and I am excited thinking about their many uses for the future. I have also enjoyed watching the many different kinds of birds that are starting to frequent our bird seed bell and bird bath in the back yard. I love watching them have a nibble on the seed and then have a flit in the bath bathing their tummy's. There are so many beautiful and amazing things in nature that we overlook on a daily basis, just being too blinded by our hectic lives and too focused on our problems to stop, breathe it all in and say a simple Thank you. This is something I plan to avoid in future, I want to slow down and smell the roses so to speak. So trying to promote more of natures beauty in my own backyard, I soaked some grained bread in water and drizzled it in honey to attract some more birds. I am also looking forward to growing more herbs and vegetables in our back yard, we have the perfect strip for a humble vegie patch.

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