26 March 2010

Book Order arrived today!!

This is the 1st entry for my blog dedicated to my exploration of the world of Wicca. I feel this is something that I have been doing bit by bit through out my life from a very young age, but is now something I would like to immerse myself into. There has always been a subtle pull, but it is now like an urgent tug, something I can't ignore and quite frankly don't wish to. There is a massive hole in my life, my soul, my being one that I feel will be more than filled by giving myself to Wicca, the lifestyle and spirituality. By discovering the mysteries and wonders of wicca I will be discovering a very important part of who I am and who I'm supposed to be, a fulfilled and happier life.
About 2 months ago I borrowed a book from a friend called 'The Book of Shadows - A Modern Women's Journey Into the Wisdom of Witchcraft and the Magic of The Goddess' written by Phyllis Curott. It was a truly wonderful read, one that I thoroughly enjoyed and reignited that spark of desire and curiosity for the world of Witchcraft. I haven't been able to part ways with the book yet and am endeavouring to purchase my own copy - when I find it. So ever since finishing the book it has been on the forefront of my mind.

So today....... my book order from Double Day was delivered: 'Everyday Witch A to Z' by Deborah Blake, 'The Green Wiccan HERBAL' by Silja, 'hedge witch' by Silver Ravenwolf, and also 'The Intuitive Way' by Penney Peirce. These all accompany my previously one and only book on the subject 'Witchcraft a beginner's guide' by Teresa Moorey that I purchased many moons ago when I was about 15 or 16.

After lunch I took the girls to our local nursery and purchased a lavender plant, a jasmine plant, some rosemary and some lemon thyme. I have always had a thing for all of these plants and herbs and many more. Today by flicking through 'The Green Wiccan HERBAL' I have learnt about the many properties for these and it is no wonder I have had a connection to them :o)

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