07 January 2011

You Can Heal Your Life...

Today I received my 'You Can Heal Your Life Affirmation Kit' by Louise L Hay, it is beautiful and I am so excited to finally have this life changing tool.
The first affirmation I am starting on is:

"I CAN feel good about myself"
Something I have struggled with and has hindered my quality of life immensely, but not anymore!! I will repeat this affirmation hundreds even thousands of times if that what it takes to become a natural thought for me, I believe that I can feel good about myself!!

The first affirmation card I have chosen to focus on is:
Please note this is a scan of a Louise Hay Affirmation Card - the image is not mine, it belongs to Louise L Hay.

It's a hard pill to swallow that all of your misfortunes are a product of the negative thoughts or affirmations that you send out to the Universe. BUT it is beautiful knowing that we can create a beautiful, successful and happy future simply by changing our thought process - and this is what I am focusing on right now :o)

"I CAN feel good about myself", "I have a blessed and prosperous life"

Trik xoxo

06 January 2011

Doing a Workshop!!

I am so pleased to announce that after years of wanting to I have finally paid & registered for the Introduction to Wicca and Withcraft Workshop at Crystal Magick. I met Sue today and handed in my registration, I also picked up some 2nd hand books to read and some information on a Faerie Circle they hold once a month :o)

Once I have attended the Workshop on the 23rd of this month I will then be able to join the Wyse Womens Circle that they hold every Monday evening. I am so excited to be learning more about the magical world of Wicca and Witchcraft, to be meeting some wonderful and like-minded people and following my heart to my spirituality.

So hopefully I will have a whole lot more to blog about here very soon!!

Blessed Be )O(