07 January 2011

You Can Heal Your Life...

Today I received my 'You Can Heal Your Life Affirmation Kit' by Louise L Hay, it is beautiful and I am so excited to finally have this life changing tool.
The first affirmation I am starting on is:

"I CAN feel good about myself"
Something I have struggled with and has hindered my quality of life immensely, but not anymore!! I will repeat this affirmation hundreds even thousands of times if that what it takes to become a natural thought for me, I believe that I can feel good about myself!!

The first affirmation card I have chosen to focus on is:
Please note this is a scan of a Louise Hay Affirmation Card - the image is not mine, it belongs to Louise L Hay.

It's a hard pill to swallow that all of your misfortunes are a product of the negative thoughts or affirmations that you send out to the Universe. BUT it is beautiful knowing that we can create a beautiful, successful and happy future simply by changing our thought process - and this is what I am focusing on right now :o)

"I CAN feel good about myself", "I have a blessed and prosperous life"

Trik xoxo


  1. Louise Hay is great. I use her teachings in my groups.

  2. Thank you Mary, I'm finding it wonderful and just what my soul needs! Your groups are very lucky to have such a wonderful and wise women teaching them xox

  3. I have always been a fan of her books. Thanks for visiting my blog and Happy New Year to you.

  4. Hi again, Just wanted to say thanks for all your well wishes, I really appreciate it. Simone xx

  5. Louise Hay is amazing. I used to use these cards years ago (or perhaps it was something similar, if these are a new print??) at work, they helped get me through days of sitting in a cubicle doing mind numbing soul sapping work!

  6. thanks for your sweet comments on my blog :) i heart new fans! hah you're great.

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    Much Love,

  8. This statement sounds familiar to me , I think that this was the item of a film called "The secret", after I watched it I tried to send positive messages to universe in order to make good things happen to me - up to now with no result...
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