09 April 2010

Missing nature...

I have been feeling very low and flat after returning home from our camping trip and it is only now 4 days after that I feel I know why...

 Whilst camping I felt I was at one with nature and close to the goddess, something that I am trying to have in everyday life. We would awake, walk outside and be amidst it all right up until we would return to our tent in the wee hours of the morning to sleep. In the cool mornings the sun would break through the clouds and I would smile and say a silent thank you for the warmth it provided me and my family as the mornings were very fresh. Throughout the day the sun would grow in heat and we would strip down our layers to singlets and shorts.... and just when you could strip no more and you were feeling too hot, a cool and soothing breeze would whisper through the trees and wrap itself around us. I would close my eyes as the breeze washed over my face covered in beads of perspiration, smile and say a silent thank you.
We were surrounded by beauty & wonder, it lifted my spirits and made me feel calm, relaxed and at ease and seemed to have the same effect on my children, with their normal bickering and sooking left behind. Instead of hearing the winging and arguing and cartoons up loud, we were serenaded by the most beautiful songs of birds and cicadas. Everywhere you looked was beautiful scenery and reasons to be thankful, I felt at peace and had a sense of belonging.

 The nights were spent around the fire and I loved gazing into it, becoming mesmerized by it's beauty and power. Once again I found myself saying thank you for it's warmth in the chilly night & for providing such a beautiful place for our group to commune around each evening.

Every day we had rain, not enough to drown out or ruin our camping, but just enough to wash down our soot covered tents and tarps and cars, or cool us down after a warm day. It was also a time where we would all pitch in together and check all of our tents and tarps to ensure they were doing there jobs and would hold up under more extreme weather conditions. And we were blessed by this beautiful gift...
So it is no wonder that upon returning home, with Hubby and our 1yo falling ill and being couped up inside with the twins back into their bickering and winging I am feeling low and flat. It has made me realise how important it is to connect with Nature no matter where you are or what you are doing and to find a way to be close to the goddess and be thankful for her many gifts.
Blessed be x


  1. Thank you for the nice comment. I can understand your letdown. I live in the city so it's rare that I am able to be totally at one with nature...and such a letdown when I have to return. What beautiful countryside.