06 October 2010

Tarot reading...

I haven't written on here in so long, quite simply because I haven't given my exploration of Wicca and witchcraft etc the time I would like. I have let some aspects of life steer me away from this journey I would like to be on.
I have had very little experience with Tarot reading, and have self taught myself and rely heavily on the books that I have purchased to interpret the cards. Whilst I don't have natural skill or connections with guiding spirits, I do find that whenever I do a reading for myself it does seem to be very relevant to the questions I ask or for the stage of my life I am in. Is this all just me making the cards relevant to my q's, or could it be that I am guided without knowing in the choosing of my cards, that I simply feel and draw out the cards that will give me the answers I need or want? I have my cards since I was 16 and have used them only when thought of or wanted - quite sporatically, so you can say I only dabble, I have not studied or tried developing skills in this area. But it is something I would like to do.

My husband has recently put forth an application to get work on the other side of the country in the mines, my thoughts have been all a bit or a whirlwind when it comes to whether I would move across there or stay here as the job is fly in, fly out.... so I thought I would look to my cards.

I chose the Bohemian Spread, and the results were:
Card 1: Home and Domestic Matters - X Pentacles
Card 2: Wishes, fears & desires - JUDGEMENT
Card 3: Relationships, friendships & love - Queen of Swords (R)
Card 4: Hoped for Achievements - III Cups (R)
Card 5: Obstacles & Unexpected Assistance - VII Pentacles
Card 6 : Immediate Future & possibilities - Queen of Wands
Card 7: Good Fortune - VII Cups (R) - Good Fortune

Home & Domestic Matters - X of Pentacles:
The card represents a smooth period in home and family life, with an increase in finances which helps to release strains making the family unit happier. One book says that if we are thinking of moving or enlarging the family home we should act and that Travel is also aspected.

Wishes, fears & desires - JUDGEMENT:
This card indicates new life, it also indicates the changing of ideas and values that come with Maturity or the developing of spiritual outlook. The card represents awareness, knowledge and responsibilities. The changes that this card indicates should be positive, leading to an improved lifestyle. All dealings will be positive and could lead to job promotion or success.

Relationships, Friendships & Love - Q of Swords (R):
We are warned against narrow mindedness, ill temper & deceit. The card also links to loss of some kind, either personal or emotional.

Hoped for Achievements - III of Cups (R):
This card represents Achievements & Consolation, a year of Material success. It warns of a friendship ending, and warns of unwanted attention. Suggests watching eating & drinking patterns...

Obstacles & unexpected Assistance - VII of Pentacles:
Progress (perhaps slow) is assured, suggests gain & improvement in circumstances through hard work and effort. May be receiving encouraging news & opportunities to combine business & pleasure should be grasped. Others will be more helpful at this time, we will feel quite satisfied, Money will grow IF looked after. Suggests improved position for a Lady's husband.

Immediate future & possibilities - Q of Wands:
is a person popular in company & a graceful hostess but clever in business with drive & enthusiasm, sometimes a little rash, but sympathetic & understanding. Practicle & clever showing genuine emotion & caring for those around her, her surroundings well balanced & harmonious.
The card also suggests a good business venture will be put to us (by a lady) & that anything with property & security is well favoured.

Good Fortune - VII of Cups (R):
With strong will & determination we are sure to win through in any situation. We will be logical and clear thinking & will find solutions easily. Any confusion will be in the past. Card represents desire, will, determination, project and suggests success when a  accompanied by the III of Cups.

As I said I don't have a natural understanding of the cards or skill in Tarot so I rely heavily on my 3 books to give me insight with what I have laid out. So this is what I have interpreted the above to be.


  1. I've not done much with Tarot myself. There is just so much out there. You have to do what feels right to you.