17 December 2010

Festive Delivery...

My delivery arrived yesterday.... well not really MY delivery but the gift from my mother for Yule or Christmas as it is celebrated in my family.

I opened the package, of course just to ensure that all was well and arrived as it should... hehe and to lay my eyes on my long awaited books!! I am very proud to say that all I did was open the parcel and look to make sure all was there!! But oh was I tempted to open up and flick through each glorious book!!

The beautiful products are from www.moondiary.com.au

I had ordered:
The 2011 Moon Diary
This is the Diary's 18th year and is the original Southern Hemisphere Moon Diary, Researched and handwritten by Shekhinah Morgan and illustrated by Jude Baderle.

I will take photo's when they are rightfully mine to fondle :o)

Moon Rights
Written by Michelle Royce
 Renew ~ your female body, mind and spirit
Reclaim ~ the wisdom and magic of the lunar cycle
Rediscover ~ forgotten secrets and lost connections between your female body and soul
Unleash ~ your inner power, intuitive ability, creative drive and spirituality.
Empower ~ yourself to make positive life choices.

Who doesn't want all of that!!!

The Woman's Quest
Written by Alexander Pope
Unfolding womans' path of power and wisdom.
A 13 session self-guiding course to experience the delicious affirmation and power of being a women!

The Inner Goddess Makeover
Written by Tanishka ~ director & founder of Star of Ishtar
Ancient women's wisdom for girls and women of all ages who wish to fulfill their feminine potential.

And also a beautiful blue Moon Magic bookmark... as I found with all the other books I was reading at once, I need more than just my "Believe" bookmark to hold my place in so many books :o)

So I am thinking that these wonderful illustrations will help take me on my spiritual journey, how very lucky am I to have been -soon to be- gifted all of the above!?!?! Thank you Mumma xo

Looking forward to having so much more to write about here, and to finding and loving myself and mother earth so much more than I do.

Blessed Be )O( ~ Must add that I learnt that from a wonderful lady today whom I happened to meet through totally unrelated circumstances and am very blessed I did xoxo


  1. Lucky you... I love my Moon Diary, and like you I often receive one at Christmas - I think it is special when family members are happy to purchase these for us.

  2. Thank you Wendy, I am so very lucky :o)
    I hope you have one also this year! It sounds so wonderful and I am very excited xo