27 December 2010

Saturn Return

I had a beautiful and deep discussion with my cousin Mel and her partner Amanda on Christmas Day about the life journey I am taking and focusing on in 2011. It all came about when I was compelled to show my cousin the collection of books that I was gifted for Christmas from Mumma. It started a deep and beautiful conversation about the path I have chosen to explore, my feelings and the reasons behind my seeking. My cousin has also been down this path and has explained to me that I have come into and am experiencing Saturn's Return and that I should look into it. Upon googling this I found this article (along with a stage production about a young womans journey with Saturn Return - which I now want to go see!!) and it was amazing to read . So inspiring and comforting yet somehow unsettling to know that this is a natural progression in life and that many people undergo these inner searches at my age..... unfortunately not all will listen and work on their lives at this time and will find themselves having a much harder time of it when they are aged around 55.

Even though your Saturn Return may be disturbing, ultimately it reveals what you truly want and sweeps away the clutter that may have been impeding your progress. Your Saturn Return is a personal spring cleaning. No matter how difficult it seems to let go of inappropriate people and things, the first Saturn Return is the time to do it. For if lessons are not learned, the problems will come knocking again during your second Saturn Return at about age fifty-eight, when you are more set in your ways. Once the conflict is confronted, the tension usually subsides. You feel stronger and more capable of moving ahead.
Saturn Return: "www.shore.net"

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